Travel Consents

So, you’re going on a holiday.  You’ve got your passports, snorkeling gear, something to read by the beach and exchanged your Canadian Currency.

If you’re travelling solo with a child, you still need to pack one more thing: a Travel Consent Letter.  Without this document, bringing a child across the border without both parents present can open up a world of unnecessary headaches.

These travel consent forms are strongly recommended for:

  • Divorced or separated parents when only one parent is travelling with the child
  • Married or Common-law parents when only one parent is travelling with the child
  • Grandparents
  • Aunts & Uncles
  • Siblings
  • Friends of the family
  • Supervisors for school/band/sports trips

The Government of Canada has put the preparation of these forms right at your fingertips, simply fill out this PDF with the information that is requested.  Then bring this completed document to one of the lawyers at KJF.

We would be more than happy to review and notarize these documents for you, and answer any questions that you may have.

Should you have any questions about travel consents or want to book an appointment please contact our office at 780-672-5561 or and let us help you have a care free holiday!