Estate Planning: Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys & Personal Directives

Here at KJF we understand that death can be a sensitive topic for some, BUT should you die without a Will (dying “intestate”), the Alberta Wills and Successions act will be the ones who determine how your estate shall be divided and the results of this might not be at all what you would have […]

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Travel Consents

So, you’re going on a holiday.  You’ve got your passports, snorkeling gear, something to read by the beach and exchanged your Canadian Currency. If you’re travelling solo with a child, you still need to pack one more thing: a Travel Consent Letter.  Without this document, bringing a child across the border without both parents present […]

Making a will can prevent a family feud when you pass.

Disagreement between family members are common sometimes they are short lived and sometimes they go on for years. I have seen many examples of a family member getting ill or passing which becomes the catalyst of turning a family disagreement into a family feud. Everyone over the age of 18 by taking the time to […]