At Knaut Johnson Francoeur, we understand that a family separation is an agonizing experience for both spouses and children alike. We have years of experience in working through family law issues and understand the emotional complications that arise during this difficult period. Our legal experience not only assists in resolving disputes, but can help you separate the legal issues from the emotional aspects.

Knaut Johnson Francoeur can assist you through many of the legal issues regarding family and marriage, including:

  • Co-habitation Agreements
  • Access, Custody, and Maintenance Disputes
  • Divorce
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements (Marriage Contracts)
  • Separation
  • Property Settlements

Since 1916, we have helped settle negotiations relating to property, finances and developing parenting plans that are acceptable to both spouses. If an amicable solution cannot be attained between the two parties, we can use our extensive litigation experience to take the case through the courts, in a fast and efficient manner.